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The Washington Rural Health Association’s mission is to collaboratively strengthen and improve the health of rural communities.

Foundation & Vision

The Washington Rural Health Association was formed in 1988 as an outgrowth of the vision of many individuals and organizations who recognized the value of uniting to support rural health care throughout the state of Washington. The special challenges of delivering health care in rural areas of Washington were the driving force in the development of WRHA. The Association provides a forum for exchanging information, developing common strategies for problem solving, and representing rural health care needs in a coherent fashion. The association is taking a leadership role in developing legislation and providing guidance, expertise and testimony for both legislators and regulators. WRHA is a strong advocate for enhanced access, quality and stability for rural health services.

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WRHA encourages membership statewide from a variety of individuals and organizations involved in rural health care including health care providers and administrators in both public and private settings, researchers, educators, consumer groups, health consultants, resource and referral centers, insurance and financing organizations, suppliers of services to rural providers, and others sharing an interest in rural health care. Current organizational members include hospitals, community centers, home health agencies, legal and financial firms, and university programs. Individual members include administrators, physicians, nurses, dentists, optometrists, mid-level providers, business leaders, insurance organizations, researchers, educators and policy-makers, and others showing an interest in rural health care.
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  • Serve as an advocate for rural health while securing access to high-quality healthcare services for rural citizens and individuals vacationing or traveling through rural areas.
  • Assist in providing enhanced opportunities for education and training for rural health care providers.
  • Increase communication among interested individuals and organizations with common goals to help promote partnerships, coalitions, and other cooperative arrangements to benefit rural health care delivery.
  • Promote enhanced understanding of rural health issues while working toward the improvement of regulatory, financing, and insurance industry policies affecting the delivery of rural health services.
  • Support the work of existing constituency groups in their efforts to pursue improvements in rural health care.
WRHA's relationship with the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) provides additional networking opportunities, federal legislative information and advocacy, and numerous resources regarding rural health care. NRHA web site.